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I took my daugther to our local children’s hospital twice and a different hospital, and we got sent home with the advice that it was a viral infection and it would pass. She had just turned 4 months old and weigted just over 10lbs (because of being so sick).

On Nov. 11, 2008 I took her back to our children’s hospital for the third time; it had been 3 days and she had not responded, hadn’t opened her eyes, had a fever still of 104.7 (day 5) hadn’t eaten in days, not pooping or peeing. You had to look very close at her tummy to see if it was moving. That was my only way of knowing she was still alive. She was so limp like a rag doll. Doctors came in our room again and did blood work, x-rays, and urine again and it all came back “normal. ” I felt like they were going to sent us home again so I called my mom. While I was on the hospital phone, Libbie started having a seizure. Libbie vomited and violently jerked off the table. Libbie’s seizure lasted 72 long minutes. I kept telling her momma is here, momma is here. Please keep fighting baby girl, daddy is coming he is almost here, hang on. Finally she stopped, her tiny body was still. they then rushed her to CT and then to the PICU. Then the news came little Libbie had Meningococcal Meningitis, and the survival rate was not good.

Libbie-Ann Grace was able to come home the day before Thanksgiving 2008. Our local news station came to the hospital. Libbie was on TV, and we wanted others to hear her story — to never give up. I kept coming back again and again until someone listened. Had I just believed what I was being told and just left it at that, my daughter would not be here today. She is a happy and relatively healthy 2 year old. She has brain damage on the left side of her brain, but with the help of a smart neurologist and many therapists, they believed that she had a good chance to re-learn what she lost. She is now doing things that we never thought she would ever do. She can walk, and talk and she was potty trained before she was even 2, and the best part was that several months after she came home she looked at me and said the most precious words on earth- mama. I never thought I would hear those words from my sweet baby girl.