Lost his brother, Jessi

Jessi Foster passed away on February 18th, 2010 due to Bacterial Meningitis caused by streptococcus pneumonia. There were no indicators except for an ear infection the day before he passed. Jessi visited his primary care doctor complaining of an ear infection and was later sent home with antibiotics. The next morning he was rushed to the ER because he was dazed with a high fever and did not know where he was. Later that evening Jessi was pronounced brain dead due to Meningitis; There was nothing anyone could have done since it happened so fast and he deginerated within hours. As you read this you might think that Jessi was a toddler or a young man in college…you will find to your surprise he was neither; he was 27 years old. Jessi was due to be married just two days after he passed and this disease stole what was to be the beginning of his life. The way Jessi would want to be remembered is not through sorrow, but in joy since Jessi was always the brightest light in every room and made so many people happy. Even in his passing he was still able to give life and happiness to four people being an organ donor, including 2 children.

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