Lost her 3 year old son | California

My son was 3 years old. Christian woke up with a fever. It took me a couple hours to get him back to sleep after giving him a fever reliever and a cool bath. I woke up a couple hours later with him still burning up. I was very worried and called his doctor and got him to be seen at eleven that morning.

I got him into to the doctor’s at eleven. The nurse that came in did not take his tempature, because she had left the thermometer in the other room. The doctor did his normal exam: looked in his ears, listened to his chest. He gave me some suppositories because Christian wasn’t holding anything down. His doctor told me that Christian would be better in a couple days, he told me my son just had a bug. I was more worried and questioned him but took him on his knowledge. When I got home and was making him soup, my daugher called me. Christian had pooped all over himself. As we were cleaning him up my daughter noticed the spots.

Later I found out it was the rash. It did not look like a rash to me, they looked like small bruises under the skin. I called the doctor’s office imediately and described what my son Christian was experiencing. The lady on the line told me the doctor was with a patient and she would have him call me back. I nervously waited. I tryed to wait patiently. After almost an hour went by with no phone call, I got back on the phone and told the woman on the line that my son was very sick, and if they did not see my son I was going to take him into the emergency room. They told me to bring him back in. It was 3 o’clock by then.

When I got back into the doctor’s office, within seconds an older doctor rushed over to me and took one look at Christian and told me I had a very sick boy. He took Christian out of my hands and rushed him in to one of the rooms. The last words I heard from my son were in that room. He was saying,”I want my mommy.” The doctors were displaying urgency. In moments there was an ambulance and they rushed my son to the nearest emergency room. I went with them. They rushed him into a room with all this equipment and started hooking up my son to wires. They put my son into an induced coma. They were working on getting him stabilized so they could transfer him to Children’s Hospital. They were waiting for the specialist to get there. I contacted my family and Christian’s father. We drove up to the hospital as Christian went in the ambulance. They took him up to the urgent care floor.

My son never got better; he died the next day, Friday, June 13th, 1997. I went home that afternoon without my son, my baby boy. It’s been 14 years since he was taken from me. “I want my mommy,” were his last words. I was right there and he did not see or hear me. He caught a bug and the bug got him. This was before they had the immunization for meningitis. My son would still be alive today if they did.

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