Lost her 2 year old son to meningococcal disease | Michigan

Our beautiful little Boy Christopher Todd was born healthy on 7/22/1995. He was our second and had a very loving big brother. Life was wonderful. We had everything anyone could ever hope for. A house and two awesome boys. Life was good. Then when he was two, our lives changed forever. It was his dad’s birthday, and we had plans for dinner, and the boys were going to Grandma’s house. Little Todd was fine all day. NO SYMPTOMS. Then he started to slow down and run a mild fever. We called off dinner thinking he had just a bug. After all he was two and my oldest was in school. I figured it was just something that would pass. Within an hour, his fever spiked to 105 and he started to have a seizure from the fever. We immediately rushed him to the nearest ER. The doctors did not seem too concerned. They got the fever under control fairly quickly, and he was alert and playing again in his hospital bed. They ran a battery of test with zero results. Still thinking this would pass, his dad went home with our older son. A few hours later I noticed purplish spots showing up everywhere. I buzzed the nurse, screaming & crying that he stopped breathing. Holding my lifeless little boy in my arms, the nurse took him from me and carried him off to another room. Another nurse showed up and they tried to revive him. Then all these doctors showed up and a security guard showed up to keep me out of the room. They wouldn’t let me in the room while they worked on him. After 15 minutes or so they came out and told me my beautiful little boy passed and they were sorry. I had already called his dad and other family and was hysterical telling to get to the hospital ASAP. His dad made it just as they were coming out to tell me the news. They could not tell me even then what happened to my healthy little boy. It took over a week to find out what took our angel from us. This disease took him from us in less than 12 hours from the 1st sign of any sickness. Until that day I had never even heard of this disease. Even now 13 years later, people seem unaware of just how dangerous this is, and that there is a way to prevent it. Not knowing, not being educated was and will always be my biggest regret in life. He will always be in our hearts. If his death can save one child, then he will not have died in vain.

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