Lost 16 year old son

My son Tyler was a very healthy, strong and athletic young man who never drank or did drugs of any kind. In fact, we always joked that Ty was sort of super human because he never got sick and he was very strong. When someone in the house got the flu or a cold, Ty never got it. He was very careful about what he put in his body. He was a high performance athlete who played hockey and lacrosse at a very high level and just completed his first year of Junior hockey and was being recruited to play at Division I schools for both sports. What happened in July of 2011 completely changed our world forever.

On the morning of July 6, 2011 my son Tyler woke up (11:00am) not feeling well. He complained of a stomachache. I took his temperature, it was 100.1. I told him to take some Advil and lay low for a while which he did. At approximately 3:00pm I took his temperature again to find that it had gone down a little to 99.4. He took a few more Advil and went in his room and went to sleep. He woke up at approximately 7:15pm and said he was a little hungry. I felt this was certainly a good sign so I brought him some peanut butter crackers and some water, which he ate right away. He laid back down but I noticed that he felt very warm. I took his temperature again to find that it had spiked to 104.7. I got him up and we went to the hospital immediately. He had no other symptoms other than the fever so I really didn’t know what was going on. The hospital is 5 minutes from our house. Upon arriving at the Hospital I was told he may just be dehydrated or he may have the flu. Within a few hours Ty started to develop a very small rash, probably the size of a pinhead purplish in color. He also was having hard time breathing. The doctors worst fear was that Ty had contracted Meningitis. The Doctors asked me if Ty had been vaccinated and he was at age 11. It was now around midnight approximately 4 hours after bringing Ty to the Hospital that the Doctors decided to transfer him to a nearby Hospital better equipped to treat what they thought Ty was fighting. Upon arriving at the Hospital the new Doctor treating Ty came out and told us that we had a very sick son and he was going to do everything possible to save him but we must be prepared, your son is probably not going to survive. This is the worst thing a parent can hear. At 4:41am July 7, 2011 approximately 17 hours after Ty woke up not feeling well, he went to be with the Lord. In the days that followed it was determined that Ty had contracted Meningococcal disease. My daughter lost her big brother and best friend. I too lost the best friend I ever had.

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