Meningitis Survivor | Texas

My name is Kristy & I was diagnosed with meningitis on August 4th, 2007. I was on a job interview, and I was becoming extremely cold and shaking to the point it was unbearable. The lady giving me the interview sent me home and said to call her tomorrow. I went home and took some cold and sinus medicine, then I went to sleep. Later my fiance came in to wake me up and check on me, and I felt so weak. I really didn’t know where I was or anything. He called my friend who is a nurse, and she came over and checked my vitals. She told my fiance to get me to the emergency room immediately.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was checked by the triage nurse, and they sent me straight to the back. All I remember after that is the nurse telling me I was very sick and to just relax. After that I was asleep. When I awoke, I thought it was the next day. I told my mom I had to call the lady about my interview. She said, “Kristy you need to wait, at this point we are very happy to have you here.” I asked what it was, and she said, “They told us you were not gonna make it through the night, but by the grace of God you are here.” I asked her what today is, and she told me I had been asleep for one week, ad I was shocked! Then, she said, “There is something we need to tell you.” That’s when I was informed that I had to have both my feet amputated and two of my fingers. I was devestated!! But all in all I am thankful for my life and the works God has done for me. The big shocker to all the doctors is that I was 30 years old when this happened, and they said they hardly have cases of this disease from people my age.

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