Parent of a meningococcal disease survivor | Canada

My daughter awoke on night with a fever of 104.5. At only 4 months of age, I became fearful of her lethargy and took her to a hospital. Within just a few hours her neck was very stiff and she was going into respiratory failure. She was started on antibiotics but it was not for 4 more hours that the first light purple spots appeared on her forehead. In the next 24 hours, she had turned into a swollen, dark purple baby from head to toe. She was on a breathing tube, and arterial lines as well as many iv pumps were keeping her alive. She suffered 3rd degree tissue damage on her legs and 2nd degree damage to parts of her arms but by the grace of God- and medicine- she did not require any amputations. Today my daughter is an active 8 year old girl. However, her illness left her growth plates damaged. She has a 5cm leg length discrepancy and the growth in both legs has now stopped. She faces corrective surgery in a wrist and ankle. My daughter is a miracle and a warrior. She is my hero. We have since learned that she became so ill so quickly, partially due to her congenital asplenia. If I can help others with my story to support research and promote vaccines, please share it with as many as you can. Thanks NMA for without your research, my beautiful baby would surely have died that night. Medicine makes hope possible.

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