Lost her 17 year old twin sister | Georgia

My name is Kaitlyn and my twin sister, Brittany, passed away from bacterial meningitis on April 20th, 2008. We were 17 and seniors in high school. Brittany came home from work April 19th and went to bed complaining about a headache. She woke up at midnight, throwing up and with a very high fever.

My mom and step-dad took her to the hospital, and the doctors ran tests on her which all came back negative… the only test they didn’t do was the spinal tap for meningitis. About 6 a.m. on April 20th the hospital sent her home to rest. A couple hours later she woke back up, fell out of the bed, and pulled herself to the nearest trash can to throw up.. this time we knew something was not right!! She was throwing up, high fever, couldn’t feel her legs, and was not herself at all. The hospital then admitted her and hooked her up to IV’s and ran more tests.

The doctor kept coming to us with bad news… nothing we wanted to hear at all. we were trying to get her to pee in a bed pan for a sample and that’s when we realized she was bleeding internally. I was taking off her jewelry and noticed she had the purple splotches everywhere on her…we ran and got the nurse! From then on everything happened very quickly…her liver started shutting down, she couldn’t breathe on her own, so she was hooked up to a ventilator, and then her kidneys shut down, and her whole body had turned purple from the blood rushing to the surface of her body. All the family was there and tons and tons of friends. Our dad got there literally 5 mins after she had passed away…. the nurse took him in the room with her and didn’t even tell him she had passed away until he saw my sister and asked what happened.

We all had NO IDEA what happened…we were so confused and lost. We didn’t find out until 3 days later that she had passed away from bacterial meningitis. I am so thankful there is an organization out there to help educate other in this disease.

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