NMA Advocates in Mississippi

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Larry Bracey


T.E.A.M. member (survived at age 27 years)

See Lannie Bratton (Texas).

Lannie Bratton’s son, Larry, almost lost his life in April 2008 to meningococcal disease. Larry began feeling a burning sensation in his skin, so his sister drove him to the hospital. Larry soon developed a purplish rash, a classic symptom of meningococcal disease, but doctors thought that he was having an allergic reaction. That night, Larry suffered from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and body aches. Soon his kidneys began to fail and doctors told Lannie to come to the hospital immediately because Larry was not expected to survive. As Larry’s skin started to turn black, a doctor suspected he might have bacterial meningitis and later confirmed the diagnosis through a blood test. With treatment, Larry’s condition improved, but he experienced severe scarring all over his body due to the disease and endured skin grafts and multiple surgeries.

“Have your children vaccinated, and spread the word about preventing meningococcal disease,” says Lannie. “A simple vaccine can help protect your family from this devastating disease.”

Amy Necaise


M.O.M. of Justin (age 18 years)

Justin Sanders

One week before his 20 birthday, Amy Necaise’s son, Justin, awoke with a fever, nausea and vomiting. Thinking he had a stomach virus, Amy, a registered nurse, stayed home with him and gave him medication. A few hours later, Justin began complaining of abdominal cramping and developed bruising on his face and his extremities. Amy called 911 and requested an ambulance be sent immediately. Within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital, however, Justin was gone. Until Justin’s death, Amy was not aware of meningococcal disease or that there is a vaccine available that could have helped prevent it.