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Jeri Greenwell


M.O.M. of Jerry (age 24 years)

Jerry Greenwell

On April 11, 2003, Jeri Greenwell’s son, Jerry, woke up feeling symptoms of what he thought was the flu. Later that day, his girlfriend came to check on him but his condition wasn’t improving. In the evening, she saw a rash on Jerry’s body and immediately called her mother, a registered nurse, who encouraged her to take Jerry to the emergency room. Jerry was unable to stand so his roommates carried him to the emergency room. Two hours later, Jerry was diagnosed with meningococcal disease and placed in the critical care unit. At first, it seemed the antibiotics were working against the potential infection, but sadly the disease had progressed too far and Jerry passed away April 14, 2003.

“If you as a parent could do anything to save your child, or someone else’s, I believe you would do whatever it took to ensure their well-being.”