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Michelle Elkins


M.O.M. of Jessica (age 15 years)

Jessica Elkins

Michelle’s daughter, Jessica, was a junior varsity cheerleader when she tragically lost her life on December 26, 2007 to meningococcal disease. On Friday, December 21, Jessica began having severe pain in her hips and legs. When the pain continued to worsen, Michelle brought Jessica to the doctor who diagnosed her with the flu and sent her home. By Saturday morning Jessica had developed purple marks all over her body. Michelle called the doctor again and was told to bring her daughter to the emergency room immediately. Sadly, Jessica passed away four days later.

“We recognized the importance of vaccination, and planned to have Jessica immunized against meningococcal disease,” said Michelle. “Unfortunately, it was too late for our daughter. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Vaccinate your children and protect your families now from this horrific disease.”