NMA Outreach Ambassador

National Meningitis Association Outreach Ambassador
Jennifer DeCillis, Miss New York United States 2016

JessicaAfter attending the 2016 Give Kids a Shot! Gala Celebration in New York City, Jennifer was deeply impacted by the stories of meningococcal disease survivors and parents who lost loved ones to the disease. Their stories compelled her to take action to help prevent this devastating disease by educating the public about its symptoms and prevention through vaccination.

As NMA’s Outreach Ambassador, Jennifer will educate a broad audience about NMA’s mission on the national Miss United States stage this summer. She will continue to educate the public through media outreach and engagements during her entire reign as Miss New York.

Jennifer lives in New York City and Southampton where she works as the director of marketing for a luxury hospitality group. She received a bachelor’s of science in strategic communications with a minor in public relations from Temple University.