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Explore new developments in child health and vaccine safety, who are the individuals and organizations making a difference in these arenas and how can we, as parents, educate one another in ways that are central to our common background as caregivers to our children. Read More!

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    Ben Diamond: Why Meningitis Advocacy Matters to Me
    Interviewed by Mike LaForgia From left to right; Ben Diamond and Mike LaForgia For this edition of Parents Who Protect, we’re featuring an interview between Mike LaForgia, meningitis survivor and vaccination advocate, and his friend Ben Diamond. Since surviving the disease more than 15 years ago, Mike has spoken to state legislatures, media organizations and parent groups about the importance of vaccination and meningitis prevention. Mike, a double-amputee, is a long-time runner who has not1
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    Finding the blessings in a parent’s nightmare
    By Lori Buher Lori and Carl August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). The week of August 19th through the 25th is specifically devoted to raising awareness about the importance of preteen and teen vaccinations. The CDC recommends several vaccines during adolescence and I support all of them – but my focus here is meningococcal prevention. The CDC recommends vaccination against this disease with the MenACWY vaccine for all children at age 11-12, with a1
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    On World Meningitis Day, National Meningitis Association President Reflects on 20 Years
    Lynn Bozof Shares Her Story, Highlights Importance of Meningococcal Vaccination April 24, 2018 April 20, 1998, is a day my family will never forget nor ever get over.  It was the day our 20-year-old son, Evan, lost his 26-day battle with meningococcal meningitis.  On March 26, 1998, the day Evan was diagnosed, we knew nothing about meningococcal disease, other than that it was something that happened to other people. That March 26 was a dreary,1
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    This March Madness – Take Both Shots
    Each year many Americans start their spring by turning their attention to the March Madness basketball tournament. Unfortunately, for many of National Meningitis Association’s (NMA) Moms on Meningitis (M.O.M.) and Together Educating About Meningitis (T.E.A.M.) members, March is a time when we remember those we lost to meningococcal disease. In fact, while meningococcal disease can strike at any time of year, the number of cases peaks in the winter and early spring.[1] N.M.A. board member,1
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Parents have an important message after daughter passed away in college.

At 18, Sara Stelzer was in the prime of her life — a college freshman excited for her classes and being part of a sorority at San Diego State University — when she suddenly became very ill.  

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