NMA Gala 2018

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Monday, June 11, 2018

4:30 pm   Expert Vaccine Summit
6:30 pm   Awards and Cocktail Receptions

Metropolitan Club
One East 60th Street
New York City



The NMA Spirit Award

Lawson Mayfield Memorial Foundation

The Nancy Ford Springer Award

Dell Miller
NMA T.E.A.M. Member and Advocate

Master of Ceremonies

Paul A. Offit, MD
Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases
Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia




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National Meningitis Association

NMA works to protect families from the devastating effects of meningococcal disease by educating the public, medical professionals and others about the disease and vaccines available to prevent it. NMA was formed in 2002 by parents whose children died or live with permanent disabilities from meningococcal disease. Like many families, NMA’s founders were unaware that meningococcal disease vaccination could have prevented their anguish. Since NMA was founded, great strides have been made in meningitis prevention. NMA has supported the creation of broad recommendations for meningococcal vaccines to protect all preteens and teens, worked to advocate for state vaccination requirements and helped increase awareness and vaccine uptake. The organization also provides emotional support for individuals and families who have experienced meningococcal disease.

To accomplish its goals, NMA develops programs and resources that reach audiences on national and grassroots levels. Parents, disease survivors and other family members help carry out NMA’s mission by conducting community awareness activities across the country through two key programs: Moms on Meningitis (M.O.M.s) and Together Educating About Meningitis (T.E.A.M.).