General Information

Beyond The Science: Putting a Face on Meningococcal Disease
A new report that details the impact of meningococcal disease on real people including survivors, families, healthcare professionals and educators.

Fact Sheet: Meningococcal Disease and Prevention
An overview of meningococcal disease, including causes, symptoms, and prevention

Graphic: Meningococcal Disease: Two Most Common Manifestations and Their Symptoms
An illustration outlining the signs and symptoms of the two most common forms of meningococcal disease: meningitis and meningococcemia

Graphic: Meningococcal Disease Symptoms
Pictures of the many symptoms associated with two of the most common forms of meningococcal disease

Graphic Timeline: Progression of Meningococcal Disease
A graphic timeline of progression for patients ages 15-16 years illustrates how quickly meningococcal disease strikes.