Jeri Acosta


M.O.M. of Robert (age 20 years)

Robert Acosta

Jeri’s son, Robert, was an active, energetic student at The University of Louisiana – Lafayette when he began feeling ill and complained of groin pain. At the school health center, he was diagnosed with a pulled muscle and sent home. Shortly after, Robert started vomiting and was rushed to the hospital, where a rash developed over his body. He was placed in the ICU and diagnosed with meningococcal disease. Sadly, Robert passed away only 21 hours after his first symptom. It was not until after Robert’s death that Jeri learned vaccination could potentially have saved her son’s life. Robert once told Jeri, “There are talkers in life, and there are doers. The talkers just talk and never accomplish anything. But the doers get stuff done. Let’s start a revolution of doers, Mom.” With this in mind, Jeri has made it her mission to educate others about the disease and its prevention.

“I pray that by educating others I can save as many lives as possible, in Robert’s memory,” said Jeri. “I’m not going to let anyone forget.”