NMA volunteers include parents, meningococcal disease survivors and other family members. Each of our volunteers has been personally affected by meningococcal disease. They are committed to sharing their stories so that other families have an opportunity to make informed decisions about immunization. They also help others gain a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease and its potential consequences.

NMA’s volunteers help carry out our mission by creating and conducting community awareness and education programs, including presentations, media outreach and other activities that reach families, students, community leaders and public health officials.

moms-logoM.O.M.s (Moms on Meningitis) is a coalition of more than 50 mothers from across the country who lost children or whose children’s lives were drastically affected by meningococcal disease.


team-logoT.E.A.M. (Together Educating About Meningitis) includes meningococcal disease survivors, siblings and other family members of those who have been affected by the disease.