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Patti Wukovits

New York

M.O.M. of Kimberly (age 17 years)

Kim Coffey

One afternoon in 2012, Patti’s daughter Kimberly, a high school senior, texted her feeling feverish and achy. Kim’s doctor thought she had the flu and asked them to come in the next day. By morning, Kim had a rash on her ankle. She was rushed from the doctor to the ER, but her organs were already failing. Eight days later, Patti and her husband John had to say goodbye. Kim passed away just one week before her senior prom and graduation.

Kim was vaccinated. While current vaccines cover most strains of the disease, they do not cover the B strain. Patti works with NMA to educate others about the disease and its symptoms, and she hopes one day, vaccines will be available with broader protection.

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