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Getting It: A Disease…A Vaccine

Given the quick progression and devastating nature of meningococcal disease, it is important for parents and students to be educated about its symptoms and how to prevent infection, including immunization. The National Meningitis Association (NMA) has developed a 25-minute educational video, called Getting It: A Disease…A Vaccine, narrated by Glenn Close and featuring the stories of meningococcal disease survivors and families affected by the disease. The video and corresponding educator guide are designed to help educate school communities and parents about the dangers of meningococcal disease and the importance of prevention.

The educator guide is a resource to help reinforce the importance of disease prevention to adolescents and their parents. The guide includes materials to be photocopied for distribution to parents, such as an educational parent letter and meningococcal disease fact sheet, as well as materials to help enhance student/class discussions about meningococcal disease, including a questions and answers document, student activity and disease symptoms poster.

Download the Educational Video
(Right-Click on above link, then select "Save Target As" or "Download Linked File")

Running time for the Educational Video is twenty-five minutes. Please allow adequate time for the video to download and play.

If you do not have QuickTime® installed, you may download a free version.

You may also view the video on our YouTube channel. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Click here to download the Getting It: A Disease…A Vaccine Meningococcal Disease Educator Guide

Click here to download the Getting It: A Disease… Vaccine Meningococcal Disease Vaccine Letter (Spanish)

Hard copies of the video on DVD and educator guide are available.
You can request a copy by clicking here. NMA’s educational video cannot be duplicated or distributed on DVD without prior written permission from the organization. Please contact NMA for further information.

NMA requests your feedback – please click here to provide feedback, questions or comments about NMA’s educational video and corresponding educator’s guide. Your feedback is important to us!