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Do you know 11 and 12 year olds need immunizations too?

The NMA is committed to educating families, medical professionals and others about bacterial meningitis and prevention approaches to the disease.

The following resources include educational programs and materials to inform communities, schools, children or friends about meningococcal disease and its prevention. Please feel free to download and utilize these materials for awareness programs in your communities

Public Service Announcements of Those Affected by Meningitis

Learn about meningitis vaccination legislations in your state.


Video Stories of Those Affected by Meningitis

Click a video below to watch our M.O.M. and T.E.A.M. members share their stories of how meningitis affected them or a loved one. Meningococcal disease is a serious, potentially fatal bacterial infection that strikes an average of 1,500 Americans annually. In particular, adolescents and young adults are at increased risk of contracting meningococcal disease.

Learn about meningitis vaccination legislations in your state.

Videos produced by JAM/KAMMEL Productions