The National Meningitis Association’s leadership is happy to respond to any media inquiries regarding meningococcal disease and its prevention.

Additionally, NMA has advocates across the country who can speak about their personal experiences with meningococcal disease. This includes parents, meningococcal disease survivors and other family members who volunteer in NMA’s programs Moms on Meningitis (M.O.M.s) and Together Educating about Meningitis (T.E.A.M.). Each of our volunteers has been personally affected by meningococcal disease.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Lynn Bozof
NMA President
[email protected]

If you have an urgent request, please feel free to contact our communications agency:

Alembic Unlimited

A note to media reporting on cases:

If you are visiting our website to find facts for articles about a local case of meningococcal disease (also called bacterial meningitis), we encourage you to visit these pages:

It’s important for members of communities affected by meningococcal disease to understand and recognize the symptoms of the disease so they can seek immediate treatment for suspected infections. NMA believes it’s also critical for communities to know about CDC vaccination recommendations.