Call for Donations: The Butterfly Collection

The National Meningitis Association (NMA) is seeking donations of art for the Butterfly Gallery, an exhibition designed to raise awareness of the devastating impact of bacterial meningitis and to raise funds to in support of the organization’s mission. NMA was founded nearly 15 years ago by parents and families whose loved ones died or live with permanent disabilities from meningococcal disease, also known as bacterial meningitis.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of loss and of hope for NMA families and survivors, advocates who work to protect other families by educating the public, medical professionals and others about the disease and vaccines available to prevent it. Butterfly Gallery chair Samantha Bennett (aka Painter Sam), a professional artist, mother and meningococcal disease survivor, encourages artists to bring their unique perspectives on the Butterfly symbol to this project through whatever medium they choose.

Submission Requirements

The only requirement is that a butterfly image or representation be incorporated. The items will be auctioned off at NMA’s Gala in May 2017, either at the Gala itself or in a simultaneous online auction. We will send a FedEx package and shipping label to all participating artists so they can submit their work. Included in the package will be a certificate of authenticity for the artist to sign.

Benefits to Donating

All proceeds from the auction(s) will go to benefit NMA’s mission of raising awareness of this devastating disease and the vaccines that can help prevent it. NMA will also formally thank participating artists in the Gala program, on NMA’s website and in a press release that we will issue to announce the launch of this campaign.

If you are interested in donating to this cause or have any questions please contact Samantha Bennett at [email protected]

Here is Sam’s Story: