Susan Davis


M.O.M. of Rhett (age 20 years)

Rhett Davis

Susan’s son, Rhett was a witty, fun-loving and intelligent college student who tragically lost his life in November 2006 to meningococcal disease, a serious, yet vaccine-preventable bacterial infection. Rhett had come home for Thanksgiving break to spend time with his family. Rhett returned to school on Monday to take his finals and to go on a scheduled snowboarding trip with friends before Christmas. However, after returning to school Rhett became ill with flu-like symptoms. Three days later, on a Thursday, Rhett passed away alone in his college apartment. The autopsy revealed Rhett had died from acute bacterial meningitis.

“This is a tragedy that could have been prevented. A mother can’t protect her child from everything but you can prevent against bacterial meningitis. It is important to be educated about the symptoms of meningococcal disease and have your children vaccinated.” – Susan Davis

Rhett’s sister, Patricia Reilly, is a T.E.A.M. member.